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Codecanyon charges too much for support renewals ❌.

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What is this?

Everyone knows, I sell my products on πŸ’» Codecanyon and πŸ‹ LemonSqueezy.

The problem is...

Codecanyon charges too much for support renewals.

Envato Codecanyon support renewal rates

βœ… People who get extended support (1 year instead of 6 months) right from the start - get a decent deal at +37% of the price they pay for the item.

❌ The problem comes for people who want to extend later on, or forget to even extend.

🀯 They will be charged a high 62% or 87% of the item price for renewal.

🀦 I can not change the pricing of support as Codecanyon does not allow me to do so.

πŸ’» Codecanyon example

Let's take a straight forward example to understand better.

Product License Price Support renewal (6 months)
66biolinks Regular $69 $43 or $60
66biolinks Extended $499 $312 or $436

πŸ‹ LemonSqueezy example

For products that I sell via LemonSqueezy, I can charge however much I decide to for support.

Therefore, support renewal rates are already way better than on Codecanyon βœ….

Product License Price Support renewal (6 months)
66analytics Regular $79 Fixed $30 30% - 50% cheaper βœ…
66analytics Extended $549 Fixed $89 71% - 79% cheaper βœ…

⚑️ The new club

I've sent this idea to all of my customers via email πŸ“§.

All of you loved it, because it is literally too good you can not deny ❀.

Product Price per Month vs πŸ’»Codecanyon vs πŸ‹Previous rates
1x Regular License Support $3.99 ~40% - 50% cheaper βœ… 20% cheaper βœ…
1x Extended License Support $9.99 ~95% cheaper βœ… 32% cheaper βœ…

πŸš€οΈ Even better deals

Product Price per Month
✨ Special Unlimited Support $24.99 Got many AltumCode licenses? This is your best deal.
πŸͺ„ One Software Update $14.99 50% cheaper than previous $30 per update.
πŸ€– Unlimited Software Updates $34.99 Got many AltumCode installations? Keep them all updated, hassle-free.

I'm doing my best...

This is the most affordable and most attractive deal package I could've come up with.

I am putting my time and effort into providing this for everyone at the lowest rates.

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