AltumCode Language Migrator 🏳

This language migrator was created for altumcode customers which have translated their installations to other languages, and want to convert their work to the new language system which was just introduced.

Why did the language system change?

I've learned over time, based on feedback from all the customers, that the language system had a lot of room for improvement.

I finally "sit down" and thought, tested, and redesigned the whole language translation system.

What changed?

Previously, the language files were JSON structured. The new translation system is based on a large PHP Array.

What are the benefits?

  • It's more performant, uses way, way, way less memory.️
  • It's easier to work with as a developer.
  • It can be translated directly from the admin panel with the new Language Management system.
  • It is much more easy to upgrade to a new language update, when new updates roll out.
  • Have a missing string on your language file? It will fall back to the english string, or will alert you visually.


This is a migration tool created so that you can migrate the old, translated JSON files, to the new structure.

1. Open your translated JSON file, and paste here the content.